What is time? What is the spirit of time?

In our ordinary everyday world, we tend to think of Time as marching along, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, inexorable in its constant tread. We can’t retrieve the past and change it—except in science fiction stories. We can’t stop time in order to make a beautiful, blissful moment last forever, and we can’t summon the future. Except… nothing is that simple, neither in the realms of science, nor in the pages of Scripture.

Einstein’s theory of relativity claims that when we speed up, time slows down. If we could—somehow—reach the extraordinary swiftness of the speed of light, then we’d be in the realm of zero time. We’d have to be able to shed our bodies to do this but, if we could, then we’d find ourselves in eternity.

So is time static? No. Is it constant? Only if we are travelling at a constant speed. The difference on earth, however, is so slight that we never notice it. Yet if we could approach light speed, we’d find some serious discrepancies occurring.

Now I’ve used Einstein’s relativistic formula along with the biblical information that a thousand years is as a day in the sight of the Lord to calculate the speed of heaven. According to the figures I plugged into the equation, heaven is travelling at 99.999999999625% of the speed of light. All of which means that time is not only not steady as well as dependent on speed, but it’s entwined with eternity through the agency of light.

And because time and eternity are threaded through each other due to Light, then we are sometimes able to catch glimpses of heaven. God tells us that the mark of a genuine prophet is the ability to stand in His council—that is, see into eternity and know His plans and purposes. This, of course, can create the impression for the prophet that a coming event is imminent when, in fact, it is decades, perhaps even centuries, in the future.

God, as George MacDonald said, calls all times ‘soon’.

Kronos however is not only an abuser, he tries to convince us he’s a helper. He harms us with his counterfeit ‘eternity’—the stuckness of traumatic pain—and then he offers to heal us through the passage of time. He’s a thief who steals our inheritance, pushing out our ability to receive the mantle that goes with our calling so far into the future that it will come too late for us to take full possession of the Lord’s personal promises to us.

Unless we ask the Lord for an annulment of our covenant with Kronos, a bill of divorce from the abuser who has eaten our past and wants to consume our future, then we will remain pinned to a time of Kronos’ choosing and be unable to enter the rest Jesus has prepared for us.

This is Grace Drops and I’m Anne Hamilton. May you always choose the Life-Light of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to Lorna Skinner of www.riversofmusic.co.uk for the background music.

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