Last session we looked at the five pre-conditions that ready us to receive the gift of more time from God. We’re dealing with paradox here. This is grace, wholly unmerited favour, yet we have to collaborate in the work in order to merit what can never be merited.

Through putting these elements in place, we participate with God in creating a bowl to hold the flow of time He sends forth from His throne. The Living Water that comes from Him is essential for removing the spear of trauma that pins us to a moment in time and thereby distorts it from that moment on. The Living Water heals the past.

The stake that keeps us stuck in the pain of the past enables the spirit of time—Kronos—to counterfeit and invert the eternal NOW of Immanuel. Instead of the peace of His Presence, a perversion has occurred and pain is continually present.

Kronos not only abuses us but enslaves us. Yet the Living Water not only heals the past, it restores the present. It removes the distortion of time so that we can be present in the moment, not constantly warped by the past.

If we work with God to create a bowl to hold His Living Water—and let it overflow from us to others—then we gain more time. We’ve participated with Jesus in the redeeming of time.

Hurt people hurt people. As we allow the Living Water of the Holy Spirit and His healing balm to cleanse and soothe our wounds, as we allow Jesus to bind up our broken hearts, we contribute towards the healing of others. When our own hurts are healed, we no longer hurt them.

Opening ourselves to the power of the Living Water requires cooperation between mind, heart and belly. The heart has to trust Jesus sufficiently—just enough—to be willing to permit the mind, the one saying, ‘But of course I trust Jesus!’ and ignoring all the denial of the heart, to direct the belly to open a gate to allow the Living Water in. The belly—the gut—is the seat of emotional memory and it is the one needing healing. All too often the gut brain has put up a wall to protect itself, not realising that the wall keeps pain in and healing out.

This is why the mind, the intellect, needs to direct the belly, the gut brain, to make a gate in the wall and open it. Many believers make the mistake of trying to convince their minds to accept healing when, in fact, it’s the gut that needs convincing. Mind, heart and belly need to cooperate in order to accept the Living Water that flows from the belly of Jesus. If they won’t do that, then it’s time to ask the Holy Spirit to gently teach them to do so.

In that, He will use time as His servant, not our master.

This is Grace Drops and I’m Anne Hamilton. May you be open to the Living Water today.

Thank you to Lorna Skinner of for the background music.

More on the spirit of Belial can be found in the paperback, Dealing with Belial: Spirit of Armies and Abuse, Strategies for the Threshold #8.

More on the spirit of Kronos (another face of abuse) can be found in the paperback, Dealing with Kronos: Spirit of Abuse and Time, Strategies for the Threshold #9. More on the most of the pre-conditions can be found in the paperback God’s Pottery: The Sea of Names and the Pierced Inheritance.