Of all the mysteries surrounding Leviathan, and there are many, one of the strangest involves a very specific curse.

On several occasions, I’ve met up with people who, for no apparent reason, seem to have suffered reprisal as long as they can remember. An absurdly crazy level of retaliation has been part of their life far beyond their earliest memories—even in the stories the family tells about them as little children, there is evidence of malign forces at work.

As they grow older, this out-of-proportion backlash happens because other people misinterpret their actions a lot of the time. And no one ever seems to ask about the whys and wherefores of those actions. Instead there’s a kind of universal assumption that the motives behind the actions are malicious and are deserving of violent payback. In most of these cases, the retaliation has been so vicious and so extreme, the victims had suffered from brain damage.

The victims of this backlash are at a complete loss to know what to do because all too often the perpetrators are family and they don’t want to make a bad problem infinitely worse. The victims have no idea what they’ve done to cause the problem or even if they’ve actually contributed in any way. They feel innocent but they’re not sure if they truly are.

All the people I’ve encountered in this kind of situation had done massive work in inner healing, often a decade or more, without discovering the root of the problem. They’ve forgiven, they’ve repented, they’ve renounced—but nothing changes. They’ve redoubled their efforts at forgiving, repenting and renouncing—but nothing changes. They looked at generational curses and prayed into those—but nothing changes. They’ve scoured their lives for hidden sin and turned from every imaginable iniquity—but nothing changes.

Because sometimes they are the carrier of dishonour, but not the cause of it.

Now, when people say they can never remember a time when Leviathan was not present in their lives, it’s wise to consider they are afflicted by a curse spoken over the day they were born. Job talks about cursing the day he was born in this fashion:

Let those curse it who curse the day, who are prepared to rouse Leviathan.

Job 3:8 NASB

Apparently, by cursing a day, we incite Leviathan to retaliate. There’s a strange relationship between day and sea and, in fact, some translations of this verse say:

Let them curse it who curse the Sea, those skilled at disturbing Leviathan!

Job 3:8 NAB

Leviathan is a sea creature. If we curse a day, we apparently curse Leviathan’s habitat. So when someone has cursed the day you were born and thus brought you to Leviathan’s constant attention, you need to forgive them not only for their dishonour to you, but also for the dishonour they’ve heaped on Leviathan and its residence. And then repent of any part you might have accidentally taken too.

This is Grace Drops and I’m Anne Hamilton. May all your days be filled with honour to everyone.

Thank you to Lorna Skinner of www.riversofmusic.co.uk for the background music.

More on the spirit of Leviathan can be found in the paperback or ebook, Dealing with Leviathan: Spirit of Retaliation, Strategies for the Threshold #5. More on the spirit of Resheph can be found in the paperback, Dealing with Resheph: Spirit of Trouble, Strategies for the Threshold #6.