There’s much more I could add to the topic of Python I’ve spoken about in the previous sessions, but I want to foreshadow what happens when the spirit of constriction realises it’s on the verge of defeat. It has several moves still left in its playbook but one of the most strategic is for it to call up one of its allies. Often the spirit that responds is Leviathan.

Now this may come as a shock to anyone who has experienced brutal retaliation from Leviathan, but I actually consider it the easiest of the threshold spirits to tackle. The spiritual legal rights of Python can’t be tracked back to any sin in our lives. Whether we’ve sinned or not, Python will test our significant decisions and choices. Jesus faced Python more than once and it wasn’t because of any sin in His life: it was simply that He arrived at momentous thresholds.

The same, however, is not true regarding Leviathan’s legal rights. They devolve directly from sin. In fact, it’s a very particular kind of sin that hands to Leviathan the rights to whip us into shape and teach us a lesson to deter us from transgressing that way ever again.

I’ve previously mentioned the sowing-and-reaping principle and this is a pre-eminent example of it. Sow dishonour, reap backlash. Sow disrespect, reap retaliation. Sow shame, reap humiliation.

Leviathan is a throne guardian tasked with ensuring that the courts of heaven are holy and charged with the fragrant incense of honour and glory. If you are about to step across the threshold cloaked in dishonour, it’s going to flick you back so savagely you’ll be stunned at the ruthlessness of the attack and at God’s seeming abandonment of your defence.

Now it doesn’t matter where the dishonour comes from. You may have dishonoured your parents, your teachers, your boss, a politician you despise, that driver who cut you off with a last-second lane change. You may have screamed your hatred at God. You may even have reviled Python or Leviathan. It’s totally immaterial. All involve dishonour.

It doesn’t even matter, if you personally have never spoken a single word of dishonour against another human being or spiritual entity, but have accepted and agreed with the dishonour meted out to you. If, in your heart, you have come to believe you are worthy of dishonour, it’s all the same to Leviathan—smash! You’ll be slammed out of God’s court and whipped back across the threshold.

However, there’s an upside to this. The moment we recognise Leviathan as our opponent, we know what the issue is: loss of honour.

So all we need to do is talk to God about dishonouring others or ourselves. Then we simply repent—in specific ways. For example: ‘Heavenly Father, I repent of dishonouring my boss at lunch with my mates. I ask Jesus of Nazareth to empower my repentance so I speak well of him in future.’

This is Grace Drops and I’m Anne Hamilton. May God reveal your honour and dishonour issues today.

Thank you to Lorna Skinner of for the background music.

More on the spirit of Leviathan can be found in the paperback or ebook, Dealing with Leviathan: Spirit of Retaliation, Strategies for the Threshold #5.