Heavenly Father, Gracious King, may Your name be honoured and hallowed and kept holy in this prayer and every prayer I place before You. May the loveliest of fragrances ascend from the prayer altar, may the incense of my petitions be pleasing to You.

Forgive me for the times my words, my thoughts, my attitudes, my requests have been dishonourable and displeasing to You. Forgive me for clinging on to the very habits that hinder the acceptance of my prayers. Forgive me for expecting You to simply answer me, regardless of any conditions in Your Word. Forgive me for thinking You would ignore Your own decrees in order to grant my requests. Forgive me for being disappointed in You when You didn’t. Forgive me for all the dishonour, known and unknown, that I have offered to You in prayer.

In truth, Father, I don’t know how to honour You as You deserve to be honoured, nor how to honour You in a way that You would see as honouring. I repent of not honouring You and I repent of taking on the disrespect of my culture and society and projecting it towards You.

Because I do not know how to pray in a way that honours and glorifies You as You should be honoured and gloried and counted worthy of all praise, I ask that Jesus, my mediator, takes my words and purifies them and then offers this prayer to You in a fitting manner with all due courtesy and reverence, giving to You all honour and glory with joy and thanksgiving.

Lord, I ask You to heal me of the taint of dishonour. I ask that You teach me through the revelation of Your Holy Spirit how to honour You rightly, how to lift up Your name in perfect praise, how to bring glory to Your name in my community and nation.

Where I have reaped disease and distress because of dishonour in prayer, I ask You to touch my life with the healing power of Jesus. I ask that the fringe of His prayer shawl trails over me with streams of healing. Where I have reaped dishonour and it has returned to me because I spoke it out and acted it out towards others, I ask for help and healing. I repent, Lord, of that dishonour and ask that, through the power of the cross of Jesus, my words of repentance are endowed by You with the ability to truly change my mind and transform my being.  I ask for healing to flow to anyone I have dishonoured and I ask that You cut off from them any thought that they may have deserved the dishonour I pushed onto them.  

Lord, I repent of accepting dishonour and taking it on. I repent of believing that I am unworthy of honour. And again I ask that my repentance be empowered by the cross of Jesus.

In His name. Amen.