Abba Father, as I’ve read and listened to these tactics of the spirit of Python over the past few sessions, I realise how very many of them I’ve fallen for.

I’ve been duped by the counterfeits; tempted by the baits; taken—and been taken by—the lures; frustrated by the constriction; wounded by the torment, frightened by the intimidation.

I ask that Your banner over me is love as I confess my faithlessness to You. My head knows that You always remain faithful to me regardless, but my heart has wavered so long that I’m only just clinging on.

I am now aware that Python requires a sacrifice and has enticed me to achieve my destiny by sacrificing Your honour, my own integrity or another’s advancement. I’ve chosen to fall in with its schemes. My ignorance is no excuse for my behaviour.

When I chose to console myself in a false refuge, I rejected You and I also rejected Your protection and covering. I ask Your forgiveness and pardon. I speak out my forgiveness to those who have sacrificed and dishonoured me and I ask Jesus, through the power of His blood and His cross, to empower my words and give them authority in the spirit realm to achieve Your will for them.

Abba Father, my choices have left me exposed and unprotected. Please be my one and only safe refuge. Sharpen my mind and my senses so that I am more alert to Python’s tactics. Open my eyes to its deception, subterfuge and trickery so that when it tries to attack, I can run to you as my safe tower and refuge. So often when I am on the verge of stepping into my destiny—the destiny You gave me even before my conception—I feel I am being strangled. I know it is Python testing me, demanding my surrender. Abba, grant me the grace to move back under Your covering, remain there and never negate Your blessing again.

Holy Spirit, hover over me and speak to my heart in ways that I understand so I can stand firm against Python. Thank you Abba, Jesus and Holy Spirit for your protection and love.

In the name of Christ, the One who shows us how to love in truth and grace. Amen.

This prayer is from the book, Dealing with Python: Spirit of Constriction, Strategies for the Threshold #1, available as a paperback or ebook. It was written by Dell Hamilton.

Thank you to Lorna Skinner of for the background music.